1. 从P(程序自动)模式开始. 然后,逐渐进入电视拍摄 (shutter priority) and AV (aperture priority), before moving on to full Manual mode (M). See below for a description of each mode and when to use the different options.

2. Set the camera to automatically rotate vertical images in the camera and on the 电脑. (Go to Setup menu > Auto Rotate, and choose the first option with icons 照相机和电脑的组合.)

3. MakerMinds is a shared space, for consideration of others, turn off the beeper (拍摄菜单,标签1).

4. 尽可能将ISO设置在1600或以下,以避免图像噪点.

5. Press the camera icon to the right of the viewfinder to access 实时视图, which flips up the mirror so you can see the scene in the LCD (versus the viewfinder). 为 movies, move the mode dial to the movie camera icon; the camera automatically enters 实时视图. 然后,按取景器旁边的相机图标(有一个红点)到 开始或停止录制视频.


模式转盘是你拍照决定的开始. 选择的模式不是 only determines how the exposure is determined but also how many other features and 您可以访问控件. 例如,自动设置(如自动,纵向, Landscape and Food) turn most control over to the camera while leaving you limited 白平衡等功能的选项. 手动控制(如程序,光圈 priority, Shutter-speed priority, and Manual exposure 模式) provide more user options 用于曝光,并允许访问相机提供的所有其他功能.


Though the fully automatic 模式 are easy to use, you're better off getting to know — and using — what is often referred to as PASM (Program, Aperture priority, Shutter 优先级和手册). 在T6模式表盘上,光圈优先被标记为AV(光圈) 值),快门优先级标记为TV(时间值).

P =程序自动曝光: Although Program is essentially an automatic mode in that the camera determines the shutter speed and aperture setting for the scene, you can adjust those parameters 在串联. 例如,如果初始快门速度太慢,无法握住相机 in your hand and get a steady shot, turn the main dial to adjust the shutter/aperture 组合,直到你得到更快的快门速度. 相机会自动切换 同时保证光圈的适当曝光.

TV =快门优先级: In this mode, you choose the shutter speed, and the camera selects the aperture. 除非 you have very steady hands or are using a tripod, it's best to aim for a shutter speed of about 1/125 second or faster, especially if you're using 实时视图 and have to 把相机拿离你的身体. 拍摄时使用取景器有助于稳定 the camera, since it's braced against your face and your arms are not outstretched. 因此,在使用较慢的快门速度时,尽量使用取景器拍摄.

To stop action, use a shutter speed of 1/200 second or faster; to blur images, like 瀑布,尝试1/60秒或更慢. 但请记住,如果你正在使用 the flash (either a built-in one or an accessory flash), the fastest shutter speed the camera allows is 1/200 second in order for the shutter and the flash to sync.

AV =光圈优先: The main benefit of shooting in Aperture priority is the ability to control depth 视场(图像从近到远的清晰度). 孔径数可以是a 有点混乱,f/2越小.0),开口越大. 这不是 only allows more light to hit the sensor for exposure but also delivers a shallow depth of field, which is perfect for portraits, since it blurs the background and 强调主题. 对于风景,你想要更大的景深,所以 更多的图像被聚焦. 要做到这一点,请减小光圈(通过选择) 更高的光圈数).

M =手动: 这种模式允许你选择快门速度和光圈. 留意一下 在取景器的曝光计上或在实时取景的LCD上. 当标记 是在中心,图像应该准确曝光吗. 如果曝光不是为了 your liking, you can easily adjust the shutter speed and/or aperture to make it brighter 或深.

The T6 also offers a fully Auto mode (look for the green A icon), a flash-off mode for when you can't or don't want the flash to automatically pop up if needed, a Creative Auto mode, and a handful of scene 模式, such as Portrait, Landscape, Food and 关闭-up. 查看相机手册,了解每种相机的详细说明. 但是要注意你的选择 are limited with all of these 模式, and one of the keys to taking great pictures 把自己置于掌控之中.

The T6 is equipped with a number of dedicated buttons that allow you to quickly adjust 设置.

Q: Press the Q button (located on the back of the camera) to bring up a detailed menu that allows you to change all the important 设置 when shooting in one of the PASM 模式.

ARL Rebel T6屏幕视图

4路控制: Surrounding the Set button, you can press the arrow keys to adjust (clockwise from the left arrow) drive/self-timer, the ISO, autofocus (AF) and white balance (WB).



为 the former, be sure to open up your aperture (low f/stop number) to blur the background, 强调你的主题,而不是他或她的环境. 确保快门 speed is fast enough (1/125 second) to compensate for any movement of the camera — 或者是主题的.

When shooting a spontaneous portrait, use at least a 1/200 second shutter speed for 一个快速的快照,因为当你拍照的时候,这个人可能会移动.


Canon's Camera Connect app is a great way to take pictures without having to lay your 手放在相机上. 在慢速快门下拍摄时尤其有用 even pressing the button might cause the camera to move, or when you want to photograph 一些你的存在可能会分散注意力的地方,比如野生动物.


1. 下载免费佳能相机连接应用程序到您的智能手机或平板电脑. (这是 适用于Android和iOS设备.)

2. 在T6上,进入Setup菜单的第三个选项卡. 确保Wi-Fi设置为启用.

3. 向下滚动到Wi-Fi功能,然后单击“连接到智能手机”. 留下昵称 作为EOS T6,或输入一个不同的昵称. 单击OK.

4.  选择“Easy Connection”,单击“OK”.

5. 打开智能手机上的Wi-Fi设置,点击EOST6网络.

6. Enter the password (the encryption key number on the camera LCD), and click Join. The little Wi-Fi light on the back of the camera will blink while it's making the 如果你准备好了,他们会给你亮绿灯.

Once the connection has been made, start the Camera Connect app on your smartphone, 并选择佳能EOS Rebel T6进行连接. 如果你迷路了,就按照指示走 on the camera LCD and the Easy Connection Guide in the Canon Camera Connect app.

点击远程实时拍摄图标. 这将启用相机上的实时视图. 镜头前的场景会出现在你的智能手机上.

您可以根据所选择的曝光模式更改一些设置. 这些包括 f/stop or shutter speed, as well as exposure compensation, white balance, autofocus 驱动模式. 只需点击智能手机屏幕上的圆形按钮即可捕捉到 想象一下,你就搞定了! 注意,如果你改变相机的曝光模式, 你得重新连接. 

欲了解更多信息,请咨询a 佳能EOS Rebel T6的制造商使用手册