Placing Materials on Reserve

合适的老师 may place 皇冠8868 owned 图书馆 books, their own personal copies or other 在查阅服务台保留的资料. All items on 储备, including personal copies, are listed in 搜索引, our 图书馆 Catalog.  Refer 到 图书馆教科书采购政策 在申请购买教科书之前.

Please 提交 your 储备 requests as early as possible to ensure that your requested materials will be processed and available in time for student use.

Place an Item on Reserve



Our most frequently asked questions regarding our 储备 Collection

For quicker processing include call numbers on the "Reserve Request" form.  如果是一本书 在皇冠8868的在线目录中没有, 搜索引,请提交 purchase request form 提交给皇冠8868的收购团队考虑. 

To expedite ordering books, include publisher and date of publication, ISBN, and edition.  It make take 2-6 weeks or longer to order, receive and process new books for 储备.

Personal Copies
You may place personal copies of books, DVDs, CDs or other non-print materials on 储备.  Please note the 图书馆 will place labels and stickers on your print materials 以便处理它们进行收集.  提交 在线表单 陪伴你的个人储备.

提交一个 在线表单 for your item(s). If you wish to have multiple items for the same class, please upload your syllabus and indicate which books you wish to be on Reserve.

Be sure to include your course name and course number on the form.

Indicate an expiration date for each item you place on 储备.  Items will be automatically removed from our 储备 collection at the end of each semester.

If you want an item on 储备 that the 图书馆 does not own,请提交 request 到 收购和元数据服务组 使用 网上购买表格.  

To assure availability of material prior 到 start of classes, please 提交 requests by the following deadlines:

Fall Semester - August 15
Winter Semester - December 15
Spring Semester - December 15
Summer Semester - May 1

*Requests received after the above dates may be delayed. Requests placed within two weeks of the start of the semester may not be ready for the first week of classes.*

You may choose from two hours, four hours, 1-day, 3-day, and 1 week. However, if the material is being used for multiple classes/instructors, the strictest loan period 使用.

No, we will not retain personal materials from semester to semester.  We will return your materials to you via interoffice mail at the end of the semester or shortly after 你标明的截止日期. 皇冠8868也欢迎你来拿你的材料 in person at the 图书馆.

教师 may re提交 personal materials for Reserve the following semester.

Reading lists are processed in the order received.  Online requests are processed before in-person requests.

Personal copy: 1-2 business days upon receipt of copy
书 requested for purchase: 2-6 Weeks or longer to order, receive and process

You will receive an email from the 图书馆 when your reading list is ready.

请电邮至 (电子邮件保护) or get in touch with your library liaison