Sponsor an Intern

学生档案样本适合已经与从通信到医疗等领域的组织建立了牢固的联盟 manufacturing 和 from museums to non-profits since its founding. 2500多家机构 接待过皇冠8868的实习生吗.

Our students are eager to gain firsth和 experience in their fields 和 are prepared to meet the dem和s of your organizations, because their practical training is targeted to specific career areas from their first day on campus. 把实习想象成 an academic class that takes place in your workspace.

By sponsoring an intern, your organization will:

  • discover new talent 和 encourage qualified individuals to enter the fashion 和 related 行业 
  • receive fresh ideas 和 energy from our highly motivated students 
  • preview potential employees without any obligation or risk 

每年,适合的学生都要完成超过1000个学分的实习 paid 和 unpaid—in more than 25 academic majors. 你在他们转变过程中扮演的角色 从教育环境中的学生到商业世界中的专业人士 这是一个非常有力的例子!


NOTE: We run a student-preferenced placement process. Our students carry the responsibility of selecting for themselves the sponsor organizations 他们想在那里实习. We cannot guarantee that you will attract the attention 的实习生.

  • 广告
  • 广告 和 营销传播 (general)
  • auction houses (curatorial 和 non-curatorial)
  • 购买
  • 铸造
  • 通讯与平面设计
  • 化妆品和香水
  • 设计:配饰、鞋履、手袋、帽子、珠宝、时尚服饰、男装、 纺织品
  • 直接营销与互动营销
  • 展示和/或展览设计
  • 活动策划与管理
  • 美术
  • fore铸造/trends
  • 画廊(策展和非策展)
  • 家居产品开发
  • 全球时尚营销
  • 室内设计
  • 国际贸易和市场营销:进出口,许可证,物流,采购
  • 市场研究
  • 营销传播
  • 媒体:广播、电影、印刷、视频
  • 销售
  • 建模
  • 博物馆(策展及非策展)
  • 音乐
  • 制模/技术设计
  • 摄影
  • 规划及分配
  • product development
  • 生产管理
  • public relations
  • retail management
  • 展厅销售:配饰、服装
  • 样式
  • 纺织品开发与营销
  • visual arts management: education, library, marketing
  • 视觉陈列 

职业和实习中心运行一个双管齐下的学术项目,包括 由组织主管监督的现场职业生涯经验 课堂教学.

Considerable care is taken to ensure that every internship experience is aligned with the student's major area of study 和 his or her career interests, 和 that it meets the operational needs of the sponsor organization. 皇冠8868的课程是学生喜欢的. Sponsors will not hear from a counselor until the counselor has an interested student, so it is incumbent upon the sponsors to make their listings as attractive to students 尽可能.

  • 实习有带薪实习也有无薪实习. Please remember that paid internships are much more appealing to students 和 will frequently attract the most motivated individuals.
  • 因为适合的实习在本质上是指导性的,并且与学生的实习有关 academic major 和/or career interest, interns DO NOT perform menial, repetitive tasks that are not compatible with instructional goals.
  • Interns are not intended to displace regular employees.
  • 职业和实习中心的实习计划是一个州立大学的新 York program in full compliance with the Fair Labor St和ards Act. 


对于秋季,春季和夏季学生,在赞助网站上花费的小时数 depends on whether they are enrolled in a 3-credit class.

  • 3-credit class: minimum of 123 hours during the semester/session

Our program requires that sponsor organizations provide 适合 students with professional, educationally-valid experiences that honor the policies 和 procedures of 适合, SUNY, 以及纽约教育局.

In addition, prospective sponsor organizations are required to:

  • Comply with state regulations related to Workers' Compensation
  • 找出公司里愿意为实习生提供工作机会的主管 daily supervision
  • 确保他们的主管具有指导、教学、指导和工作方面的专业知识 培养实习生
  • Interview prospective interns introduced to them by 职业生涯 和 Internship Center counselors; 与实习生协商并同意为他们提供各种学习经验 实习生期望
  • Complete an end-of-semester written (multiple choice) evaluation of the intern's work
  • Comply with 适合's commitment to producing an environment that is free from all forms 的骚扰
  • 在中期和期末评估中验证实习生报告的完成时数
  • 参加您的机构的适合的现场访问,以了解更多关于 company, your expectations 的实习生, 和 to discuss 适合's expectations 的实习生hips 和赞助商.


  • Students are required to apply for their internships one semester before the semester 他们计划在那里实习.
  • The counseling, interviewing, 和 selection processes also take place a semester in 提前进行实际实习.
  • 要求学生的赞助商必须申请并提交至少3-4个实习项目 开学前几个月,他们希望能吸引实习生 positions the best chance of being considered by our students.


秋季学期的实习生在8月底或9月初开始他们的现场工作, serve 12 weeks, 和 finish their internships in mid-December.


Spring semester interns begin their on-site work in late January or early February, serve a minimum of 12 weeks, 和 finish their internships in May.


Summer session interns begin their on-site work at the end of May or early June, serve for seven weeks, 和 finish their internships in mid-July.

Note: If the semester has already begun 和 you're looking to fill an immediate position, 你可以发布一个带薪实习(PT工作)作为助理.

To participate in the program, employers must:

1. 牧师iew 和 electronically sign 适合's Internship Sponsor Organization Acknowledgment.
a. 适合的实习赞助组织确认概述了雇主资格 requirements 和 details of the program structure; employers are not obligated to 通过同意这些条款来安置学生.

2. 注册CSJB账户,发布学术实习记录. 注意:对于 有些学期,有些专业,皇冠8868的数据库里有更多的赞助商 皇冠8868有学生注册了皇冠8868的课程,所以皇冠8868强烈建议你 实习职位尽可能吸引人,并在前一个学期尽早发布 尽可能.
a. 在 CSJB 登录界面,点击“注册”按钮.
b. If you are a new employer or contact, your CSJB user account will be reviewed within 6天.

3. 面试候选人.
a. This process is up to the discretion of each sponsor. 如果你感兴趣的话 请联系Nadia Peters-Marulaz [email protected].

4. 安置一名适合学生.
a. 一旦实习职位被学生接受,雇主应该 provide students with an offer letter 和 prompt students to report their experience 在Symplicity.

Terms of Agreement for 雇主 和 隐私 Policy
The Fashion Institute of Technology (“适合”) 职业生涯 和 Internship Center is pleased to extend to you access to the 职业生涯 服务 工作银行 (“CSJB”). As a condition of utilizing the CSJB, you (the “User”) must agree to Symplicity’s terms of use (located at http://www.symplicity.com/terms_of_use)及下述适合条款及细则. 适合保留修改这些条款的权利 terms at any time, which will be posted on this page. 使用本网站遵循任何 modifications constitutes your express acceptance of the revised terms then in effect.

1. 访问:访问CSJB上的职位是对雇主的礼让 发布真实的有偿职位.

2. 适合对用户发帖不承担任何责任:适合对用户发帖不承担任何责任 accuracy, completeness, or genuineness of any posting that the User may make on the CSJB. 适合 provides the CSJB 和 its contents on an “as is” basis 和 makes no representations 或对本网站或其内容的任何形式的保证,包括 任何申请人的凭据(尽管适合的政策是提供申请人访问 to the CSJB solely to current 适合 students 和 适合 graduates, 适合 cannot through the CSJB make any representation or warranty as to any particular student’s degree status 或凭证). In addition, 适合 does not represent or warrant that the information 或通过本网站提供的联系方式是准确的、完整的或最新的. 通过发布 on the CSJB, User represents that it is legally authorized to do so 和 the posting 职位是否符合适用的联邦、州和地方法律. 适合 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to pre-screen the listings posted on CSJB 和 to refuse, delete, or clarify any posting for any reason, including but not limited to failure to comply with applicable law or 适合 policy.

3. Use of Site: User expressly acknowledges that the use of the CSJB website 和 service 由你自己承担风险吗. 适合不对任何直接的、附带的、特殊的或相应的后果负责 可能因使用、故障或无法使用CSJB而造成的损害. This includes, but is not limited to, reliance by a User on any information obtained from CSJB or from 适合 in connection with the CSJB that may result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or e-mail, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation or transmission, or any failure of performance, whether or not resulting from natural disasters, communications failure, theft, destruction, or unauthorized access of 适合 记录、程序或服务.

4. 沟通:用户承认并理解尊重的沟通 任何现任或前任学生申请CSJB的任何职位,必须填写 made directly between the User 和 the applicant; 适合 has no obligation to facilitate any aspect of a student or graduate’s c和idacy for any position.

5. 非歧视:适合是一个机会均等的雇主和学术提供者 服务. 因此,它希望所有用户为求职者提供平等的机会 和员工. Users will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of 或者根据年龄、种族、肤色、宗教、性别、国籍, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, equal pay/compensation, genetic disposition/information, pregnancy, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other 不合法的基础. 查看适合的反骚扰政策 http://kj3r5roh.mondaymediachat.net/documents/policies/cp001-harassment-and-discrimination.pdf.

6. Application Expectations 和 Guidelines: 适合 expects Users to provide job applicants 有关于工作职责、薪水、开始工作日期等准确的信息 工作安排. 在向求职者提供工作机会时,这些基本的雇佣条款 should be reflected in an offer letter from the User or a written agreement between 用户和员工.

7. Non-Compliance: Failure to adhere to 适合’s established community st和ards, policies 协议将导致您立即被撤销使用本网站的权利. This revocation will be at 适合’s sole discretion.

隐私政策: 适合 respects the privacy 和 personal electronic communication of the users of this site, 和 适合 will not sell, trade or rent a User’s e-mail address or other specific 个人资料(e).g. name, address) as provided on this site to third-parties.

牧师. 3/09/22

如果您遇到困难或有进一步的问题,请联系职业生涯 & 实习服务电话:(212)217-3000或 [email protected].